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Mentor form

Mentor Form

The mission of E-Family worldwide is to foster teen-to-teen mentoring via the internet by creating an e-family of “brothers” and “sisters.” Its vision is building friendships and empowering youth to effect social change through innovative solutions to global challenges.

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I agree to restrict my conversations with my mentor to the topics allowed by E-family Worldwide (listed below and included in the electronic library of resource materials) and I will obtain the approval of the E-family Worldwide team if I wish to add any others 


I agree to conduct respectful conversations with my mentor and the E-family Worldwide team at all times, never using bad language, hurtful words, or criticizing others 


I will display cultural sensitivity at all times


I will not ask for/take cash, gifts, or any other material items from my mentor or the e-family Worldwide team 


I agree not to hold my mentor or the E-family Worldwide team responsible for any problems that I may face related or unrelated to E-family Worldwide 


I agree to play by any additional rules that the E-family Worldwide team may introduce during the course of the program


  • School activities (academics, sports, arts, music, dance, theatre) 

  • Interests/hobbies

  • International events (e.g., those reported in newspapers or discussed at Model United Nations Conferences)

  • Global challenges (e.g., poverty, conflict, and environment, including from such sources as The Economist,      National Geographic)

  • Solutions to global challenges

  • Social innovation/social entreprenuership (new ways of addressing old problems based, e.g., on literarture by Bill Drayton’s Ashoka, which focuses on making “everyone a changemaker” and demonstrates how each one of us can drive social change and lead meaningful lives)

  • Inspirational stories relating to the lives of World leaders (e.g., Churchill, Gandhi, Martin Luther King)

  • Motivational quotes (e.g., “It is better to have failed than not to have tried,” “Tomorrow begins today”)

  • Inspirational books (e.g., “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson) with the opportunity to also form book clubs

  • Learned optimism and positive psychology (e.g., literature based on learned optimism by Prof. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania which teaches how to react to events in ways that enhance ones confidence in one’s own abilities rather than giving up)

Please be sure to also have a Parent submit a Parent Form and a Teacher submit a Teacher Recommendation Form  

For information or questions relating to E-Family Worldwide, please write to

Lara Mitra at: lara@e-familyworldwide.org

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